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Date Played Opposition Game Type For Against Result
Mar 12 Nothlakes Trial 0 0 Bye
Mar 26 Ourimbah Magpies Trial 0 0 Draw
Apr 01 Central Blue Competition 0 0 Loss
Apr 08 Raymond Terrace Roosters Competition 0 0 Draw
Apr 29 Belmont Competition 0 0 Draw
May 06 Dudley Competition 0 0 Draw
May 13 Macquarie Competition 0 0 Draw
May 20 Windale Competition 0 0 Draw
May 27 Valentine Competition 0 0 Draw
Jun 03 Wangi Competition 0 0 Draw

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  Report - Jun 03 U6-1 vs Wangi , Result: 0 - 0 Draw
On what was another splendid Saturday morning in Dora Creek the boys took on their opposition from Wangi. It was a solid effort across all aspects of the game - ball skills, defense, attack, sportsmanship - the boys couldn't be faulted and I am very proud of how they are going!
Zaiden was awarded Man of the Match for another consistent performance, and Jed got the Coaches Award for his big attacking game. Good stuff fellas!

  Report - May 27 U6-1 vs Valentine , Result: 0 - 0 Draw
Today we came up against a very well drilled Valentine team who displayed some great defensive skills. As a result there were less points scored than most weeks, but it was pleasing to see our boys step up their game in defense too! What we were left with were 2 teams who were quite evenly matched on the day.
All the boys dug deep and made solid contributions to our team's effort - of note were Caleb who picked up Man of the Match for his tireless defensive game, and Reggie who got the Coaches Award for showing blinding speed and making plenty of metres in attack. Well done legends!

  Report - May 20 U6-1 vs Windale , Result: 0 - 0 Draw
In one of the best displays of sportsmanship in modern times, our boys took on Windale today. Windale turned up with only 3 players, so our boys took turns in pulling on the green and black strip of the opposition to help them make up the numbers. The boys were so keen to help out, that it got to the point where I was having to say "No, you've had a turn with the Eagles, I need you to play on the Roosters team now" - great fun!
Some massive efforts all round with most boys playing a full 4 quarters of rugby league - standouts were Trey who picked up the Coaches Award, and Anders who scored his maiden try, then backed it up with a second! Well done lads.

  Report - May 13 U6-1 vs Macquarie , Result: 0 - 0 Draw
Another beautiful Saturday morning - this time we travelled up to sunny Toronto to take on the Scorps. Some super efforts from a couple of the boys, even a little bit of friendly niggle before the match between mates on opposing teams, great to see!
Our Man of the Match award went to Keiran this week, and Tayte picked up the Coaches Award. Well done gents!

  Report - May 06 U6-1 vs Dudley , Result: 0 - 0 Draw
Feedback from the the many many fans who attended our game against Dudley said that it was highly entertaining! I certainly clocked up plenty of miles - it was end to end stuff from the first whistle right through to the final hooter. 
All the boys got in and had a real dig, carting the ball forward against some sizeable opposition, and chopping them down in defense - a well rounded performance by all.
Standout performances on the day belonged to Bohdi who got Man of the Match for putting his head where others fear to put their boots, and Logan got the Coaches Award for his haul of 5 tries! Well done fellas!

  Report - Apr 29 U6-1 vs Belmont , Result: 0 - 0 Draw
A very early start saw us travel up to Belmont for our first game after a few weeks off. The boys didn't disappoint, with some very strong performances across the board.
A special mention to Zaiden who picked up the coaches award. He gets in every week and does the little things that help keep the team rolling forward - might not be the most glamorous jobs in the world, but Zaiden just gets in and does them - well done mate!
And congratulations to Bohdi and Reggie who both scored their first ever tries! Well done boys, no doubt there will be plenty more to come.
Reggie also got the Man of the Match award for his overall efforts, well done champ.

  Report - Apr 08 U6-1 vs Raymond Terrace Roosters , Result: 0 - 0 Draw
The boys put in another solid performance on the weekend against Raymond Terrace. Our first home game for the regular season and some spectacular weather resulted in heaps of support on the sidelines and, as far as entertainment goes, the game was well worth the price of admission!
We saw some barnstorming runs from a number of players, with Jed well and truly leading the team in meters gained, going on to win the Man of the Match award. Anders picked up the coaches award with another consistent performance in both defence and attack. Well done boys.
We break now for Easter so have fun, eat heaps of chocolate, and see you all in a couple of weeks!

  Report - Apr 01 U6-1 vs Central Blue , Result: 0 - 0 Loss
The weather held off for us to get in our first competition game of the 2017 season. The boys have come such a long way in just 3 games together. Their improved understanding of what needs to happen on the paddock is leading to a more enjoyable and satisfying experience for the players, and I am really proud of how they are going.
We had a full team on the weekend and the boys all had a real dig when given the opportunity. Zaiden and Jed made up for lost time with solid efforts, and Trey and Logan both put in strong performances.
Bohdi picked up the coaches award for a standout effort in the defensive line, while Caleb was awarded the Man of the Match gong for crossing the stripe for his maiden try - then backing it up and scoring a double!

  Report - Mar 26 U6-1 vs Ourimbah Magpies , Result: 0 - 0 Draw
We were lucky enough to get some cracking weather for our last trial match before the regular season starts. We welcomed Anders into the team today, and all the boys showed great teamwork and support for their team mates.
Our focus at training this week had been on defence, and the boys did themselves proud in how well they got off the line today. Massive improvement!
Logan picked up the Man of the Match award today, showing blistering pace and evasive skills with the ball in hand. Tayte received the coaches award through sheer determination and endurance. Congratulations fellas!
Very excited for the regular season to start next week, see you all at training.

  Report - Mar 12 U6-1 vs Nothlakes , Result: 0 - 0 Bye
If the result of our first trial game for 2017 was measured on pure enthusiasm and enjoyment, my boys were a huge success!

Massive congratulations to all the boys who played their debut game of rugby league, which was the majority of the team. They are a great bunch of kids and I'm really looking forward to watching the progress throughout the year.

Special mention to the boys with prior experience - Jed and Zaiden both had big games.

Congratulations must also go to our award recipients - Kieran was awarded with the Coaches Award, and Trey got the Man of the Match. Well done boys!

Thanks to all our helpers, especially Shane for running around with both teams on the day.

See you all next time!

Dan (coach)

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