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Date Played Opposition Game Type For Against Result
Mar 12 North Lakes Trial 0 0 Draw
Mar 26 Ourimbah Trial 0 0 Draw
Apr 01 Wallsend Marylands Competition 0 0 Draw
Apr 08 Wests Competition 0 0 Draw
Apr 29 Belmont North Competition 0 0 Draw
May 06 Charlestown Competition 0 0 Draw
May 20 Windale Competition 0 0 Draw
Jun 03 Wallsend Maryland Competition 0 0 Draw
Jun 17 Wests Competition 0 0 Draw
Jun 24 Windale Competition 0 0 Draw
Jul 01 Waratah Competition 0 0 Draw
Jul 15 Belmont North Competition 0 0 Draw

  Competition, Semis and Finals Statistics
Wins Losses Draws   For Against

  Report - Jul 15 U8 vs Belmont North , Result: 0 - 0 Draw

A BIG day for the boys today!! We played a game against Belmont North at home, the boys tried hard and it was a much better team effort this week!  Zac was the standout player for "Player of the Match" with good, determined running and his usual solid defense. Josh was given the "Encouragement Award" for some great runs and a couple of good tries.

All the boys also played well, in at the Knights Stadium on Saturday night, and we all had a great afternoon/night at the footy

  Report - Jul 01 U8 vs Waratah , Result: 0 - 0 Draw
A poor start to the game, after some terrible defense from our team, Waratah scored 3 tries in a row.  After that, the boys all put in a pretty good effort, in attack and defense and finished the game with a respectable performance.  An absolute STANDOUT for "Player of the Match" was Koby, after scoring a couple of GREAT tries, with some TERRIFIC teamwork shown by Clay, as well as tackling EVERYTHING all day! The "Encouragement Award" went to Treigh, who made some VERY good tackles and scored a nice try too! Well done boy, good game!

  Report - Jun 24 U8 vs Windale , Result: 0 - 0 Draw
A better effort this week from the boys.  However, there is still WAY TOO MUCH fighting amongst the team!  Boys, you have 2 ears and 1 mouth, therefore you mouths SHOULD be doing FAR LESS work than your ears are, and unfortunately, that ISN'T the case! Until you learn to work as a team, and LISTEN to what the Coach is telling you, INSTEAD of talking, you won't improve! "Player of the Match" went to Clay and the "Encouragement Award" went to Josh.

  Report - Jun 17 U8 vs Wests , Result: 0 - 0 Draw
A REALLY poor effort today from all the boys, in both attack and defense. The less said the better!  Wests are a VERY well structured team and are what we strive to become.  More effort required in future games and training to get to their level.

  Report - Jun 03 U8 vs Wallsend Maryland , Result: 0 - 0 Draw


A HUGE effort from ALL of the boys! It was the BEST that they've played all year! We were actually playing TOGETHER as a team for a change! Some good tries scored by a number of different players, but it was our defence that was a standout! It was consistent and aggressive, and everyone put in a MASSIVE effort! Wallsend Maryland, had a couple of VERY big players, but once our boys worked out to tackle low on them, we managed to stop them in their tracks!

Mitchell was awarded the "Player of the Match" today. He scored his first try, made some very determined runs, and made some great tackles too!  Kaden received the "Encouragement Award" as he also made some strong runs and a put in a good effort in defense.

Very pleasing to see the boys progress SO well with their defence, and improve SO drastically from last week!  With everybody putting in such a GREAT effort, we CAN compete against the better teams.


  Report - May 20 U8 vs Windale , Result: 0 - 0 Draw

A good effort today by all of the boys, everyone ran the ball hard, held onto the ball with good security, but we were up against a very "speedy" team.  They had a lot of pace out wide, and managed to run around us a number of times. However, due to some good attacking play from our boys, we seem to get a few more tries than our opposition. "Player of the Match" went to Koby, who scored a couple of good tries and was our best tackler.  The "Encouragement Award" went to Kaden M, who continues to improve.

  Report - May 06 U8 vs Charlestown , Result: 0 - 0 Draw
Today showed a MASSIVE change in attitudes and determination in defence.  EVERY player committed themselves to tackling, and EVERY player exceeded expectations in defence.  Some great tries were scored by a number of different players. Our "Player of the Match" BRAIDEN, scored a couple of terrific tries, and made some important tackles too!  Our "Encouragement Award" for the week, went to 3 different players, TREIGH, KAIDEN D and KADEN M.  However the whole team could have quite easily got an award today. A top effort from ALL of the boys, and as an added bonus, EVERYBODY really seemed to enjoy playing today too! GREAT EFFORT boys, keep it up!

  Report - Apr 29 U8 vs Belmont North , Result: 0 - 0 Draw
A GREAT game by ALL of the boys!!  We were MUCH more competitive with this team, than we have been in the past. We weren't running out, and we were holding onto the ball when we were tackled!  Our defense and team work are getting better, but there is still room for improvement. KOBY got the "Man of the Match" award and DEFINITELY earned it! He did some TERRIFIC tackles and scored multiple tries too. ZAC received the "Encouragement" award due to some GREAT defense and good, hard, solid tackling! Keep up the good work boys!

  Report - Apr 08 U8 vs Wests , Result: 0 - 0 Draw
Today's game was played against a high quality opposition.  Our boys were taught a lesson in tackling, running and catching.  The boys seemed to find the touchline WAY too often again, as old habits crept back into our game. Player of the Match was given to Clay, as he ran the ball really hard and was very determined. He also tackled well and led the team competently as first receiver. Koby received the Encouragement Award, for good defence and running well out of Dummy Half.  Back to the drawing board boys and into some hard training!

  Report - Apr 01 U8 vs Wallsend Marylands , Result: 0 - 0 Draw
Our first competition game was a TERRIFIC start to the season, by ALL of the boys!  We missed a few tackles, but our attack was a MAJOR improvement on our trial game form. We scored some GREAT tries and all the boys managed to hold onto the ball.  We stayed away from the touchlines this week and had 5 different try scorers.  "Player of the Week" went to Teariki, as he scored his first try in Rugby League and scrambled well in defence.  Mitchell got the "Encouragement Award" after some determined running, along with solid tackling in defence.  The boys are showing great teamwork, and are very keen to learn on how to run the team without the coach being on the field.  It looks like being an EXCITING season for the U8s!

  Report - Mar 26 U8 vs Ourimbah , Result: 0 - 0 Draw
Player of the Match went to Reegan.  Encouragement Award went to Treigh.  All the boys had a good, solid game but EVERYONE found the touchline FAR too often! With a high missed tackle count, we made it hard on ourselves. We are starting to gel as a team and learning what the "first receiver" singlet is. The new players are fitting in well.

  Report - Mar 12 U8 vs North Lakes , Result: 0 - 0 Draw
EXPLOSIVE start to the season! With some fresh faces in the team, and some old faces too, like Josh, who got our "Player of the Match" after some big runs, carrying the ball the length of the field and leading the way. We are now on the big field and the boys are out there on their own. We have a LOT to learn but we are making solid improvements as we have everyone at training most nights. Teariki got the "Encouragement Award" as he had a GREAT game, for his first game of rugby league! He looks to have a good future, in the game! Well done boys, GREAT effort by the WHOLE team!

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