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Date Played Opposition Game Type For Against Result
Mar 12 Nothlakes Trial 0 0 Draw
Mar 26 Ourimbah Trial 0 0 Draw
Apr 01 Swansea Competition 0 0 Draw
Apr 22 Central Blue Competition 0 0 Draw
Apr 29 Nelson Bay Competition 0 0 Draw
May 06 Wangi Competition 0 0 Draw
May 13 Cardiff Black Competition 0 0 Draw
May 20 Belmont North Competition 0 0 Draw
May 27 West Red Competition 0 0 Bye
Jun 03 Valentine Red Competition 0 0 Draw
Jun 17 Macquarie Competition 0 0 Draw
Jun 24 Swansea Competition 0 0 Draw
Jul 01 Central Blue Competition 0 0 Draw
Jul 15 Nelsons Bay Competition 0 0 Bye
Jul 22 Wangi Competition 0 0 Draw
Jul 29 Cardiff Black Competition 0 0 Draw
Aug 05 Belmont North Competition 0 0 Draw
Aug 12 Wests Red Competition 0 0 Draw

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  Report - Aug 12 U9 vs Wests Red , Result: 0 - 0 Draw
Our final game of the year, and what a great day for footy. The two teams where evenly matched, in size for once😂. And skill. The boys confidence has grown along with their abilities. Wests are a great team to play against. Well done boys and thanks for being a team of great boys.

  Report - Aug 05 U9 vs Belmont North , Result: 0 - 0 Draw
2nd last game of the season and things aren't slowing down. Today's game was one of our hardest. I looked back at the match report of when these two teams met. They where a large physical team then, Belmont has had a growth spurt since then, and made sure that our boys knew it. Our defence was good and well structured, making a larger team work hard to make metre's. 
Our ball skills keep improving each week, with strong runs and spreading the ball we made some good ground, and continued learning new ways to beat the defence.
What our boys lack in size they make up for in heart, never giving up. Belmont tried hard to break us today, they ran hard, they tackled hard, they gave us their best shots, but they could not keep us down. we got knocked down and we got up again and again.
Well done boys, keep loving your game and play it your way.
Things learnt today, importance of securing the ball in a tackle, they were able to off load the ball too many times.
getting off the line in a straight line to make a tackle, we have to tackle them before they get fast.
Man of the match went to the whole team who played today. Runner up went to Caiden for his support when he was unable to play.
Bring on our last game of the season.

  Report - Jul 29 U9 vs Cardiff Black , Result: 0 - 0 Draw
What a team we have. Today's game was full of excitement. We made many meters with our fancy footwork, pace and strength all used to brake the line. Our defence was strong, frustrating Cardiff as they tried to find a weekness. 
Men of the match today went to Blake Kemp for his fancy feet and Bryson for his ball and all tackles. Great work today, you all bring something to the team, if we where missing any of you, we wouldn't be as great as we are.

  Report - Jul 22 U9 vs Wangi , Result: 0 - 0 Draw
After a couple of weeks off, you'd think the boys would be a little bit off their game, you'd be wrong. The boys were at their best, passing the ball around more than I've ever seen before, something we've been doing at training. Tackling was good, the bigger boys did give us a bit of curry, something we may have to work on. Great vision from a lot of the boys, seeing gaps in the defence and taking full advantage off it.
Man of the match today went to Kade and runner up Caiden. Excellent work by all the boys today.

  Report - Jul 15 U9 vs Nelsons Bay , Result: 0 - 0 Bye

  Report - Jul 01 U9 vs Central Blue , Result: 0 - 0 Draw
We started our game today with a full team, Central was a strong team and it took its toll on us, Loosing Flynn half way through the game, leaving us down a player. We maintained our composure and stayed competitive against central. Our boys do a great job at keeping their emotions in check, so much better than other teams, Great work at keeping your head together and not letting them get to you.
Obviously the school holidays are upon us, so numbers were down at the game but the crowd did a great job supporting our team, well done both of you. Haha  

  Report - Jun 24 U9 vs Swansea , Result: 0 - 0 Draw
Our second time playing swansea this season, both teams have improved. Today we were very evenly matched taking turns to score tries. At the beginning a couple of their boys challenged our team, as a pair they were hard to stop. And as the game progressed it was noted one liked to go high in tackles, little did he know that doesn't discourage our roosters and only fires them up, Jaxon proved this point towards the end of the game with some bone rattling tackles. Good work on keeping your cool and focusing that energy. Lots of ground was made today by finding gaps/weak points and taking advantage of them. Our defence was good, but lessons where learn't about the importance of securing the ball in a tackle, if we were more successful at this we would have prevented more tries, something to work on at training, see you there.

  Report - Jun 17 U9 vs Macquarie , Result: 0 - 0 Draw
How much have these boys grown, playing on the mini field really showed that today. Great game from all the boys today. Positioning and roles improve weekly. Kade and Onyx volunteered themselves for winger positions, and they were awesome at it great in defence and better in attack by running the ball back to the centre of the field, improving our position or scoring try's. Austin, Caiden, Blake and Josh worked well as dummy halves and first receivers, Looking for opportunity's to break the defensive line with a scoot, or more spectacularly a chip and chase by Austin to score a try. Bryson,  Ryan, and  Flyn ran and tackled hard, making metres and holding the scorps back. Not forgetting our man of the match today, Hemi had his moments to shine today, holding onto the ball and being tackled was a big step for him, resulting in one near try, and one try, well done. Runner up today went to Blake for his sportsmanship. 
Well done boy's from one proud coach.

  Report - Jun 03 U9 vs Valentine Red , Result: 0 - 0 Draw
Playing against Valentine is always challenging, and today was no different. Our boys had a great time playing them, nearly having to be dragged off the field when time was up, I love their enthusiasm.  The boys tried some new unrehearsed ideas today in the game, something we might have to put into training over the next couple of weeks. A great game today by all.
player of the match went to Blake and runner up to Onyx.

  Report - May 27 U9 vs West Red , Result: 0 - 0 Bye
It was a cold, slow start to the day, took our boys a full quarter to warm up, but once they did the boys showed West's what the Roosters where made of. West's was a challenging team, with set and rehearsed plays they tried on our team, to no avail. Our markers where quick to shut them down. They tried to go through the middle, our forwards held them back. They tried to go around us, our wingers and winger supports closed that door too. Awesome work in defence boys. Our attack was good, strong runs from all the boys, great scoots from dummy half and first receiver. Our boys where patient for their turn as second, allowing for quick and organised play the balls. More kicks in our game today then usual, good sign we are holding onto the ball and completing our sets. Excellent work in support as well, with some surprising/spectacular offloads. Not encouraged, but it worked.
Great work to all of you today, I talk over the game with Emily on the way home each week, and every boy is mentioned, and how they all do something that stands out to me in every game. Each of you players make this team great.
Man of the match went to Josh closely followed by Bailey.
Time to see how the boys go learning some new plays.

  Report - May 20 U9 vs Belmont North , Result: 0 - 0 Draw
This is my third year with the team, like the older parents in the team, we are getting to know not only our team, but also the teams we play. Belmont north has always been a strong team to play against, this week was no exception. There was some pace in their team, but we were able to catch them. Some strength in their team, but we were just as strong. They worked hard for the whole game, because we made them work hard. Yes, there was size in their team, but I've said it before, size doesn't mater to us. From what I saw and the stories I heard after the game, they've watched too many NRL games and picked up some bad habit's that shouldn't be in junior football, luckily our boys are good enough not to have to play that sort of game, and when they're this good why should they. Excellent work today boys from all of you, you have really come together as a team, making it really easy to pick man of the match, it goes to 13 of my favourite footballers.
Well done team. 
There are still some tougher teams to come, I'm looking forward to the challenge.

  Report - May 13 U9 vs Cardiff Black , Result: 0 - 0 Draw
Under 9's footy, you never know what to expect, Cardiff black didn't have the biggest players we have seen this year, but overall were defiantly larger than our Roosters. Rarely, if ever, do I hear the boy's talk about how big or small a player is, to them size doesn't matter. I don't think our boy's even notice the size difference, they just love to play football. For the most part they ran,  tackled, supported each other and played their position's exceptionally well. Their defence and attack line has room for improvement, in saying that, they're 9, and their line is better than most, if not all, of the teams we have played against. Round 5 finished, 2 thirds of the season remains and the boys continue to improve, well done. Putting in the effort at training shows on the field on game day.
Player of the match goes to Ryan Hall, and runner's up to Bailey Hall. 
See you at training.

  Report - May 06 U9 vs Wangi , Result: 0 - 0 Draw
There's no place like home, and with 7 home games today, there was no better place to be. A long day for some of the boys who had been there for most, if not all of the day, supporting family members in different ways. The boys played the last game of the day and I might be biased, but the best was left till last. The boys are developing great form, growing stronger as a team, and starting to understand the importance and roles of positions on the field. We have 12 players on our team who are all learning the importance of working together. The other teams we play always have great players in them. But what makes me proud of our team, is that each member is becoming a great team player.
Player of the match went to Austin and runner up to Bailey. Really hard decision to make when all the boys played so well. Keep up the team work everyone. See you at training.

  Report - Apr 29 U9 vs Nelson Bay , Result: 0 - 0 Draw
A great game from the boys today, definitely worth the trip. We started a bit slow, let in a couple of tries. This didn't discourage the team, they played the game they love and it showed. A lot of practice last night went into playing  the ball, which showed today, the team was spread out and organised, allowing everyone to have a chance at running the ball.  Well done to all the boys for working as a team. Our defence had some holes to start with, but after some bone rattling tackles, Nelson Bay now know who the Roosters are. Player of the match and encouragement awards go to Hemi and Flyn. With all the boys playing so well, I had to give it to the 2 most improved. Well done to all the boys for not giving up, some took some hard hits today but showed great courage and got up to hit back.

  Report - Apr 22 U9 vs Central Blue , Result: 0 - 0 Draw
After a great week at training, our team weren't them selves today, lacking their usual enthusiasm. Central blue was a large strong team that was always going to challenge our smaller team. Effort in defence, which is normally our strong point, was our week point today. Something to work on this week. Centrals defence was strong and they made it hard to break through their line, which encouraged our boys to pass the ball around, a little more then they should, mistakes where made, but great to see the boys throwing the ball around and supporting each other as a team, looking forward to watching the boys practising and perfecting this side of their game.
Player of the match goes to Bryson Palmer for his consistent defence and clear direction as first receiver.
runner up goes to Ryan Hall for his consistent defence and strong fearless runs at the defensive line. See you at training.

  Report - Apr 01 U9 vs Swansea , Result: 0 - 0 Draw
Today's game was a bit more challenging, the boys worked hard and never gave up. They where able to work well as a team, ran hard and tackled hard. Joshua made the game his own with consistent strong runs and tackling, earning player of the match, excellent support by Blake earning him the encouragement award. Great work team and a great start to the season. 
see you at training

  Report - Mar 26 U9 vs Ourimbah , Result: 0 - 0 Draw
We've played our last trial game, next week our season starts, are we ready? After today's game, I think so! 
With try's from Caiden, Bryson, Jaxon, Blake and Bailey, all of which couldn't have been achieved without the support from the rest of the team. And the defence from the entire team kept Ourimbah to a minimum amount of try's. Proud moment was watching Bryson break the line, pass the ball to Flyn and share the opportunity to make a run. Great team work today. Well done boys! 

  Report - Mar 12 U9 vs Nothlakes , Result: 0 - 0 Draw
Our boys have taken flight to the new season, playing they there was no off-season. Great tries from Bryson, Blake and Auston, matched with line breaking runs from Kade, Ryan, Onyx, Caiden, Jaxon and Josh. As for their defence, I can only say that I'm glad I don't have to run at them.
Looking forward to seeing what the boys will be like at the end of the season.

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